Client: Brussels Environnement

Location: Brussels
Architecture: Piovenefabi
Design team: Ambra Fabi, Giovanni Piovene, Carlotta Capobianco, Laura Soldati, Francesca Villa
Structure: Collective Works
Contractor: Entrepool srl
Project: 2016
Construction: every summer
Photography: Martina Bjorn

Seven summer pavilions equip seven parks in the Belgian capital: Duden, Cinquantenaire, Roi Baudouin, George Henri and Abbaye de la Cambre, Laeken, Rouge-Cloître. The roof, a retractable white velarium, is supported by a regular perimeter of metal poles. The bar is an opening module made of wood and metal, always positioned tangentially to the roof. The pavilions are seven outdoor rooms of different sizes, which react to the surrounding environment. Each pavilion is characterised by a different dominant color.