Client: Camper

Location: Rome
Team: Mattia Chinellato, Mélanie Evra, Marco Antonio Ghetti
Contractor: Tecnolegno Allestimenti spa
Lighting: Viabizzuno
Project: 2022
Construction: 2022
Photography: Giaime Meloni

Camper Oval is inspired by the 18th-century stairway bridging Trinità dei Monti with the Barcaccia fountain. The store’s interior is a complementary addition to this specific fragment of Rome. The space reflects the geometric compositions of the exterior architecture—the meandering curves of the staircase and the elliptical shape of the fountain. A new wooden structure, showcasing the Camper shoes, encircles the retail space, wrapping around onlookers and cutting out four technical corners: the entrance, the cash desk, the shop window and the storage. Light pink hand-painted shelves contrast with the grey industrial flooring and perforated metal ceiling.