Client: ADF
Location: Durana, Albania
Architecture: Piovenefabi, ArchiSpace Studio
Landscape: Yellowoffice
Design team: Ambra Fabi, Giovanni Piovene, Carlotta Capobianco
Mobility: Mobility in Chain
Photography: Stefano Graziani
Project: 2014

The project aims to structure a new urban network through a series of connecting paths and collective spaces of different entity and size, able to bring a new public life to Durana. Our proposal investigates three case studies, which starts from the three artificial lakes and connects the Durana different ecologies. These paths, which run transversal  to the valley, propose a new direction of development through a series of punctual operations on the existing urban tissue. Detecting specific points and increasing their public quality, providing new connections and repairing old ones are the basic operations which allow the Durana linear development to open up into a proper urban entity, forcing on it a new mental and physical network.