Client: Moretti s.p.a.
Architecture: Piovenefabi
Design team: Ambra Fabi, Giovanni Piovene, Carlotta Capobianco, Gianluca Masiero, Natalia Vacheishvili
Project: 2016
Photography: Alan Hasoo

The project is the winner of the competition organized by Moretti MORE, a company that deals with the production of prefabricated houses for the national and international market, in collaboration with Casabella. The project not only explores a house, but a system based on a single generating principle. It is defined by the rational juxtaposition of spaces of very different scales. The large central rooms are neutral spaces, which can accommodate different programs, while remaining unchanged. The small ones, designed as large pieces of furniture or micro-architectures, are always placed at the edge of the large rooms and accommodate the functions necessary to organise daily life. The combination of neutral and functional spaces allows an internal organisation in a sequence of rooms which reduces the loss of space.